Illinois license plate IL license plate Z346299
Vehicle model: 2012 Audi Q5 Premium Plus

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  • Number 6 in the worst drivers ranking in February 2016
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Z34 6299 12/22/16 10:11 PM

well said and put Jim, I'm the OP and you really put that all in perspective, i had never thought of that all "pack mentality" theory you mention, but makes sense, and ill look into that as now i`m curious. Cheers to your intelligence and looking deeper into the situation than your typical internet troll posting BS. be safe out there driving !
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Z34 6299 01/06/16 7:31 PM

Hilarious! So funny that people act tough and try to push around people with their 3k lb. cars, but when called on it face to face by another human they recoil in fear. I wish he would've said yes and you caught him up and busted his face up lol, next time get some pics or vid thx 4 sharing!
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Z34 6299 05/13/16 1:00 AM

Just drop it. Point made, guy in other car was afraid of you probably because he was weaker in some respect right? So why would he fight you then? He obviously 100% agreed with himself that he was going to get his ssA beat, so he didn't retaliate physically. Now, he shouted out the window to stroke his vitreous ego for not owning up to his dangerous actions, simply put I mean why else? Sad part? I'm hoping I'm wrong, but recently there have been studies springing up on the pack mentality of patents and their children locked in these schedules of errands and transport and they begin to start acting bratty, and basically respond to adult situations in an extreme child like manner. Let it go people, like I said, the guy is a kid mentally. Truly, just pray he's young and needs to grow up and does not have children already that he can poison with cowardice at the wrong times, that is the bigger issue. Stay safe out there friends, peace.
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Z34 6299 01/05/16 5:29 PM

Flies up on my me with his bright lights tailgating me (mind you I'm doing 5 over on rush hour) then goes around me cuts me off, we both turn into the next street and he throws his hazards on. I pull right beside him and facts, I say "you got a problem pussy, you want to do this?" He replies softly "no" and cowers under his white sports hat. I am thinking he's just a complete puss and I don't hit women so I drive on. What does he do? Pulls a u-turn and calls Me the pussy as he has an intersection and the opposite direction to shield him. Really? Who's the pussy sir? I pulled up, and you didn't say nothing cuz I would have beat your ass.
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